2018 was awesome!!!


As the new year begins, I had a chance to look back at 2018, and me oh my, we had a crazy fun year. I added plate spinning to the show, and now the dancing dinosaur is a standard feature at every show (thanks to my awesome daughters, Maddiesaurus and Sharliesaurus). We played a bunch of libraries around Portland, had a very smoky show in Airway Heights, WA, did a special school luau (I've been working on my Samoan fire knife dancing), and made lots of new friends along the way!

Many thanks to all who booked us. We're looking forward to a great 2019!

Rocking the Salem, OR library!


Lebanon, OR

Lebanon, OR

Beaverton, OR

Salem, OR


After the summer shows finished, my favorite holiday arrived...HALLOWEEN!!! This year I wanted to be Left Shark from the Katy Perry Superbowl Halftime Show! I did a special halftime performance at the office (I'm a video producer by day). 

 Here's the halftime show!

I also learned a new skill; juggling while riding a One Wheel. It was crazy fun!




So a crazy thing happened in the latter half of 2017. I submitted a video to America's Funniest Home Videos of Gemma's Christmas tantrum, and they told me we were finalists in their holiday special! Here's what we submitted:

We flew to L.A. in October and taped the show with Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from "Fresh Prince") on Friday, October 13.

Incredibly...WE WON!!! It was absolutely bananas. The kids were super excited, and I got to live out my dream of singing on national T.V. Unfortunately I can't post the interview here, but I can post the video of my younger brother watching the dramatic reveal:

So cool. We had a blast with all the AFV staff, and the whole experience was just awesome.

When December rolled around I received another call from AFV. They informed us that we were in the top three for the $100,000 prize! We packed up the kids and headed back to L.A. This time we hit up Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. Did we win the huge prize? Well you'll just have to watch our trip video to find out!

In other news, we have booked lots of fun gigs this summer. Check out the calendar page to catch all the details. And if you come to a show this year you'll get to see a brand new juggling skill...PLATE SPINNING! I'll even be pulling an audience member to be part of the act. I can't wait!


Halloween - Buddy the Elf!


This Halloween my dream FINALLY came true! I have wanted to be Buddy the Elf for years, and this was the year it all happened! My wife spent hours working on our Buddy and Jovie costumes.  It was her first time working with fur and making spats! She did all the embroidery on my jacket too. 

It was a total blast to wear the costume to work, and the weather was perfect for trick-or-treating. I've never been hugged so much in my life! So much fun. Happy Halloween, friends!


Adventures Ahoy!


The cover image for the album Adventures Ahoy

Ahoy mateys! The new album is here, and I'm so excited for you to hear it. "Adventures Ahoy!" was inspired by my gig last fall, where I was a shanty-singing pirate for author Heidi Schulz's release party (check her books out here). I thought, "I bet writing pirate songs is rad," but then I thought, "I can't do an entire album of just pirate shanties!"

Adventures Ahoy features songs about all sorts of adventures. Car trips, snake charmers, ghost peppers, and sunburns. I even tell all my embarrassing sleepwalking stories. And yes, they're all true. I feel bad for my poor family. They have had to deal with a lot of nonsense over the years.

You can hear all the songs on the album, and if you like what you hear, then please purchase the album in a digital or physical format. And if you go the extra mile and write me a review on iTunes or Amazon, I will give you a virtual high five! Now avast, ye landlubbers. Aargh!!!

Pirate captain Jenks looks out upon the ocean blue

Pirate captain Jenks be surprised to see ye!



Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, Jenks fans! I hope this December finds you well. 2015 was a fun year for me. I can't wait for 2016. I'm hard at work on a new album, and I'm loving writing and recording new songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

To ring out the old year, here's a cover of one of my favorite Christmas songs, Little Saint Nick! 


Aargh! Behold, pirate captain Jenks


Recently I had a very unique request for a gig. Salem, Oregon author Heidi Schulz hired me to be the singing pirate at her book release parties in Portland and Salem. The book is called "Hooks Revenge: The Pirate Code," and it's published by Disney. You can see the book here!

Check out some photos from the events, as well as a video clip.

Pirate Captain Jenks - September, 2015

 Pirate Captain Jenks - September, 2015


Summer shows galore!


July was a crazy busy month, with lots of events. I played 17 shows, which is the most I have ever done in a month. I played the Fourth of July in Endicott, Washington, all of the libraries in the Spokane County Library District, and the Salem Art Fair in Oregon. I made lots of new friends, and it was a total blast! Here are a few of the highlights (for more, click on photos):


Teaching the kids how to do a sweet dinosaur impression!


Teaching juggling and Go Ergo!


Happy June, Jenks fans!

I wanted to share a fun music video I recently created at my day job. I was working on a safety video series about office ergonomics, and I was asked to come up with a creative way to promote the series. Relying on my Jenks experience, I decided to write a sweet rap song! They let me shoot a sweet music video, starring myself and about 50 of my coworkers, and we put it on YouTube. It's fully my style, and I had a blast creating it. Check it out: 

I also was recently hired by Salem's "Statesman Journal" to teach columnist Capi Lynn how to juggle. We did a preview article, which you can read HERE. A few weeks later, I met Capi at the park right next to Oregon's capitol building, and she learned to juggle! Read the article, see the pictures, and watch the video HERE!

Corey teaches Capi Lynn to juggle

Two-person juggling


Ready for action!


So last year marked a big change for Jenks. I relocated my family from Spokane, Washington to Salem, Oregon. I got a sweet new job making videos for a large company. In 2014 I played some new gigs around the Salem area, and of course I made it out to Spokane and the surrounding region for some of my favorite shows.

In October I had the gig of a lifetime! My wife and I were flown to Anchorage, Alaska so I could perform on a sweet reindeer farm. We spent a few days driving around and seeing the gorgeous sights, and then I performed for the Reindeer Farm's fall family festival. Even though it was raining, I had a total blast. Check out some of the pictures!

I am really looking forward to a great 2015. I have booked a series of library shows in Spokane the week of July 6, and there are some other great shows and events on the calendar as well. Rock on!


Free song!


So I recently wrote a rockin' song all about summer. I gathered inspiration from what lots of friends online told me were their favorite things to do in the summertime. You can listen to and download the song for free, right HERE!


Hitched a Ride on the Oregon Trail!


Yee haw Jenks fans! So a big change happened in my life, and I moved to Salem, Oregon. It was hard to leave so many great friends and fans in Spokane, but life is all about change, and my family and I were excited to start a new adventure in super green Oregon. Did you know that the song "Cletus Herbert Ugh" from the School Rocks! album was written while I was at a family reunion in Oregon a few years ago? Who knew that I would become a permanent resident?

Fortunately I will still be able to travel back to Spokane as well as the Palouse area to do shows a few times a year. I'm also excited to play some new venues in the area. The future is looking great!


New Year, New Stuff!


So lots of new stuff has been happening lately!  First off, I launched a brand-new, dinosaur themed website.  What do you think?  Cool, right?  Videos, music, pictures, there lots to look at (and listen to)!

As I've been writing these dinosaur songs, I've had to really get into the dino spirit.  So I honed my raptor impersonation, and we happened to catch it on film.  Check out the video...Raptor Dad!

Another cool thing occurred in December.  I was prepping to perform at Spokane's First Night (huge New Year's Eve party), and I was asked to do some promo work for the event on the live morning news.  So I woke up nice and early and juggled live at 6:15 a.m.  Now that is not easy!  But it turned out great, and we have it recorded for you to see!

Now we're getting ready for our big CD release party.  Check out all the details on the calendar page!


New Juggling Video!


I finally had time to shoot my new juggling promo video, and it's super rad!  The light balls are killer, and you can totally juggle them in the pitch dark!  I also got some great new footage of the fire devil sticks, torches, and fire breathing.  Enjoy, and keep me in mind if you need some sweet juggling for your event!


My Air Shark!


I hope you all are doing well.  It's been a busy and exciting spring for us.  My wife and I had a baby in May, making for 3 little girls in the Jenkins family.  I've also been hard at work writing and recording some new music, which leads me to some great news.  We have a new album coming out in the fall!  It's called "High Five a Dinosaur" and it features songs about dinosaurs!  Pterodactyls, cave men, disco music, raptors, it's all covered!

I've also been hard at work creating a sweet new music video for the song "My Air Shark!"  I purchased this totally amazing remote controlled flying shark, and after writing a song about him, it became apparent that the air shark deserved his own music video.  Check it out on YouTube:

Please share the video with your friends, post it to your Facebook wall, or throw open your living room window and tell the world about it!

One thing we've added to our list of shows is wedding receptions.  We've played a few receptions this spring, and have had a blast doing it.  If you're looking for a good group to serenade the bridal party, then let us know!

Make sure to like us on Facebook so you can keep in touch with all our news.  We're constantly adding pictures and video to keep you entertained.

Keep on rockin' Jenks fans!  See you at the show! 

Jenks plays a hoedown

Rockin' Real Life Ministries' daddy daughter hoedown, June 15, 2012.


Here comes summer!


Woah, what a crazy last few months it has been!  I've been hard at work doing lots of jazz!  Let's get to some awesome news!

A new album is in the works!  New songs are being written, and a couple of them are totally finished.  In fact, the new single is available on iTunes!  The song is called "Do The Caveman" and it totally rocks!  It's a dance-along song with specific actions, and it's super rad.  I've been performing it at our recent shows and it's been a huge hit!  

In February I decided it was about time I write a new song for my sweet wife Brooke.  You can listen to the entire song for free right here!

In other news, Annie and I have started playing wedding receptions!  We played some live songs for our younger brother's reception, and we booked a couple more receptions shortly after.  Would you like to see us performing a song for grown-ups?  You would?  Well then, check out the video!

This summer promises to bring lots of fun shows and some rockin' new music!  We also have a few videos in development, so stay tuned, because you're not going to want to miss a thing!  Rock on amigos!!!


Fall News!


Well it's been an awesome summer full of music, sunshine, and juggling, and now it's time for some Jenks news!

Hey guess what!  We've created a brand new music video for the song "First Time at the Zoo!"  Check it out right here on our website (click on the Videos link above), or watch it on YouTube!


We've also been hard at work building our recording studio at Corey's home.  It looks amazing, and we have one last piece of equipment to get and then it will be perfect!  Pictures to come...pinky promise!
Once the studio is complete we've got some new tunes to record.  The subject......dinosaurs!  Maybe we'll have to post a video of Corey doing his raptor impression...it's pretty realistic.
Remember to give us a call when you're looking for some amazing entertainment. Our songs keep getting better and Corey's fire juggling keeps getting scarier!




   Hey there Jenks fans!  Welcome to our brand new website!  We’re excited to give you a new look to jenksmusic.com, along with several cool new features.  At the top you can click to listen to a few full songs.  On the music page you can find music samples, as well as all the lyrics to all of our songs!

   We’re super excited to announce the release of our second album, School Rocks!  It is available for purchase right here.  Just click on the “buy” page.  We think you’ll love the new album, as it’s loaded with fun exciting songs all about life at school.  Our official release date for the CD is November 6th, so you can pre-order the CD right now and we’ll ship it to you in early November.  For all those who live around Spokane, Washington, we’re having a rockin’ CD release party on November 6th from 3-5 p.m.  Visit the “calendar” page for the full info.

   Keep in mind that our new album will be available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, and many other places online in the coming weeks.

   Thanks for visiting the new site, and please drop show us you’re still rockin’ by clicking on “Guestbook.” 

   Keep on singin’!


New CD almost finished!!!


   We've been hard at work on the new album, and we're just about finished! We have one saxophone solo left, and then it's off to L.A. for mastering. All our photography has been finished, and our graphic designer is creating the super sweet packaging for the new CD, which is titled, "School Rocks!"


We're Still Rockin' People!


   Hey there Jenks fans! Wow, it's been way too long since our last update. We had a fabulous 2009 year, and are looking forward to a great 2010. The biggest of the big news is that we're hard at work on the new album, which we promise will be released this year. Pinky swear! We've been writing and recording some rockin' new songs that you are sure to love! Dodgeball! First day at school! School Lunch! Band class! We've got all the good stuff covered.

   We'd like to thank everyone who has had us come and play for them in the last year. Putting on shows is bodacious, and we have loved meeting you all. This year we have some great shows planned, and some new features added to our set. We have new juggling gear, and great new tricks...and more FIRE!!!

   Keep us in the loop with how you all are doing, and drop us a line in our contact section. We love to hear from you, and if you know of somewhere you think we should perform, then send us a message and we'll get in touch. Here's to a great year, with new music, new shows, and a whole lotta' rock!


Jenks May Newsletter!


   Music Video Shoot! We're looking for kids who want to dance in our upcoming music video for the song Move Like An Animal. The shoot will take place from 9:30-11:30 am on Saturday, May 23rd at Centennial Park in Spokane Valley, WA. We're looking to have between 20 and 50 kids for the video, and the kids will need to have a parent present to sign a video release form. A great time will be had by all, and if you can participate, please email corey@jenksmusic.com to let us know.

   Little Monkey video wins award! Recently our music video for "Little Monkey on the Roam" screened at Spokane's Quicky film festival, and won an honorable mention. Check out our awesome plaque!

   Summer Fun! We'll be rockin' out all summer long at Spokane's Splashdown Waterpark. We recently recorded their new jingle, and we've been invited by Splash Down to perform seven different shows at the park. Visit the shows page to see our performance dates and times. Splash Down is a super-hip water park, and they even allow parents to bring in their own food and drinks. Come and catch one of our next shows and you could win a free pass to the park!

   Upcoming Album! We're hard at work on the next album, with lots of new great songs in the works. We just got Annie a bodacious keyboard, so expect to hear some funky new sounds in the coming CD. We'll keep you posted and email out some samples in future newsletters.

   Keep on rockin' 2009, Jenks fans, and we'll see you at the show!


Happy Holidays!


   December is rockin' right along, and it's been fun for us to reflect on this awesome year of 2008. We've made so many friends, played at a lot of different places, and made some cool videos. It's definitely been an exciting year for us, and we hope it's been a great year for you too!

   Last Saturday we performed at the Moscow Public Library in Moscow, Idaho. What a cool library that is! Thanks to all who came out to sing, dance, and play with us. For those of you who missed it, I'm sure we'll catch you next time.

   We currently have our debut music video, "Little Monkey on the Roam," available on our website (visit the Fun Stuff page), as well as on YouTube. Thanks to all who have watched so far, and if you want to rate the video and leave a comment, then visit the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G5FP30SARk (remember to click "watch in high quality").

   We've also recorded a rockin' version of the holiday classic "Jingle Bells," and we've sent it out as a freebie to everyone on the newsletter list. If you'd like to receive the free song, then send us a message on the "Contact" page. Keep it real, Jenks fans, and we'll see you in 2009!